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<< New text box >>My latest novel, The Unloved Child is published by SilverWood Books on December 11th 2020. Set in the Tyne Valley coalfield from 1802-1824 it tells of the dire consequences that follow a childhood lacking love. The older brother will seek vengeance on a much loved younger one. The novel can be ordered through bookshops or from Amazon Kindle or from Prue direct.

ISBN 978-i-80042062-5

<The sequel to The Unloved Child is to be published on April 28th, titled The Unloverd Wife. Together the 2 novels  show the dire consequences within familiesd when love is lacking. < New text box >>

The Pembleton Myth is available to order. Official launch date is  Sept 8th 2017.  

Endorsed by Ann Widdecombe the novel takes place in one day in the life of Paul Pembleton, an Area Planning Officer for the lovely rural area of imaginary Northshire, which is very like Northumberland where Prue lives. The offices are in Midcaster, strangely reminiscent of Newcastle upon Tyne.

 The Pembleton Myth tells the story of one day in the life of a planning officer in the late 1950's. There is an array of characters - his colleagues and their families, and among the applicants one who is truly desperate.

The morning is full of frustration for Paul Pembleton who revels in his reputation as fast, efficient and unflappable. Number 3 in the hierarchy would like to undermine him and an error by his assistant, which he had hoped to cover up, comes to light at the worst possible moment.

He escapes into his rural area in the afternoon to visit sites in the peaceful countryside of Northshire, but more problems await him, even physical danger. He must shed 'The Pembleton Myth' and be Paul the man. Exhausted at the end of the day he loses his temper with his young daughter. He has let himself down and the 'Myth' is finally exploded.

The story is told with great insight and plenty of humour. The world of the late fifties is truly authentic since the novel was originally written then

and has only now been edited for publication.


<< New text box >>The latest news is that a new edition of 'Lesson of Love' is to be published in January 2019 by SilverWood Books.

'Lesson of Love' tells the story of my mother's dementia and what I learnt on my Christian journey through caring for her over several years.

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